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Support us by contributing £50 to adopt a creature!

Help to save vulnerable species for future generations to come...

Across the SEA LIFE network we breed, rescue and protect a variety of marine creatures, including many species that are under severe threat in the wild.

We also host a variety of special events to raise awareness of marine conservation issues, and generate support for the efforts of SEA LIFE and others to look after our seas and their inhabitants.

In 2013, we have developed Adoption Packs to raise funds towards three of our core creatures including Sharks, Seahorses and Sea Turtles to help projects aimed at ensuring the survival of these amazing animals.

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Why do they need our help?

Shark Finning


Sharks are one of the oldest creatures to man and one of the world’s most efficient hunters. They have been on our earth for over 400 million years but a significant number of shark species are listed as endangered because of human activity.

Around 70 million sharks are killed every year from being hunted for their fins and killed as bycatch from fishing methods such as nets and long lines. These sharks are usually killed before they reach sexual maturity so never reproduce, preventing population recovery. Now, some scientist estimate that shark numbers have fallen by 90% in the last 30 years!

Turtle Plastic Bag

Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are cold blooded reptiles that have existed for around 215 million years, pre-dating the dinosaurs. They are faced with many threats including the destruction of their habitats, pollution, fishing hooks and exploited for food and profit which has led to nearly all 7 species of sea turtle being listed as “endangered”.

Dried Seahorses


Seahorses are one of the most fascinating species of fish. They are thought to have been in existence for around 3 million years, however, many factors have led to seahorse populations decreasing at an alarming rate. This vulnerable species face a variety of threats in the wild including being killed for traditional medicines, the pet trade and are often caught in the bycatch of shrimp trawling.

Recent reports suggest that numbers around the world have plummeted by as much as 50% over the last 5 years! This has led to them being categorised as an endangered species.

Help us fund marine conservation projects and campaigns by adopting a marine creature today.


Where does your donation go?

All proceeds will go to our charity the SEA LIFE Marine Conservation Trust which funds our valuable marine conservation initiatives.

A perfect gift for any marine creature admirer. If you’re feeling generous, buy a gift for someone you care about today.

Adoption Pack

What does an Adoption Pack contain?

  • A welcome letter.
  • A glossy 12 page creature booklet full of facts and information on your adoption and more.
  • A creature photo wallet with printed Adoption certificate.
  • Easy access to updates - Check on how your donation is being spent and how it is helping these vulnerable species by visiting this website! We will have all the latest updates on our news page to keep you in the loop!
  • …and TWO complimentary tickets to visit SEA LIFE.

My Adoption

We have three species for you to choose from:

Adoption turtle

Adopt a Sea Turtle

All proceeds will help fund vital sea turtle rescue and conservation work around the globe including the Turtle Rescue Centre in Zakynthos, Greece.

adoption flip turtle

Here are just some of the great ways your £50.00 can help:

  • Feed a turtle for 10 days.
  • Pay for the drugs required to treat 5 injured turtles.
  • Pays for a stretcher to help rescue a turtle.


shark 1

Adopt a Shark

All proceeds will benefit leading shark conservation charities.

shark 2

Here are just some of the great ways your £50.00 can help:

  • Pay for work to help support angling projects and egg case hunting.
  • Pay towards a radio transmitter to help track sharks.
  • Help fund shark dive research.


seahorse 5

Adopt a Seahorse

All proceeds will help fund vital conservation work by leading seahorse charities.

seahorse 4

Here are just some of the great ways your £50.00 can help:

  • Pay for several hours of work to analyse data.
  • Work with the authorities to protect seahorses.
  • Pay for diver’s air for a 25 dives to find seahorses.
  • Write a short report on seahorses (for education or protection).


Creature News

**Check out our creature news feed to see what's going on at SEA LIFE!**

News Feed 2

More updates and information will appear here throughout the year...

Need more help?

If you have any questions about your Adoption pack then please contact your local SEA LIFE centre.

Alternatively view our FAQ’s page.

Important Notice:

Please note that these packs have been produced in England and therefore are written in English.

Online postage will be included in the total Adoption Pack's price (UK Only).

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