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Merlin´s Magic Wand

Delivers magical experiences to seriously ill, disabled and disadvantaged children across the world.
Merlin’s Magic Wand was formed in 2008 and is the charity of Merlin Entertainments Group. Merlin Entertainments Group supports the charity by providing free tickets and by encouraging the involvement of all its employees. All Merlin attractions around the world work hard on behalf of the charity, supporting the trips these children make and raising funds to help the charity´s work.



Many children through illness disability or other disadvantages, are not able to experience things that other children take for granted. By providing tickets and financial support Merlin´s Magic Wand aims to ensure that these children can enjoy magical days out with their friends and family at Merlin Entertainment Group´s attractions across the world.

Our outreach initiative focuses on bringing " Merlin Magic" to visit the attractions. These take the form of tailer-made installation at organisation such as children´s hospice, to create lasting benefits for the children and to create strong links to the community for both Merlin´´s Magic Wand and the local attraction. Installations take many forms but can include such things as a Merlin-themed play area or a SEA LIFE sensory room.

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Get Involved!

SEA LIFE Benalmádena organizes an event to raise funds. We will organize a raffle for the foundation Merlin´s Magic Wand , an exclusive basket with Sea life items, VIP pass for the whole year and official ball signed by all the players of Real Madrid, who won the Cup in 2011.

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