New for 2013 - Octopus Garden!

  • Octopus are known as the 'Einsteins of the ocean' due to their intelligence

  • There are about 300 species of Octopus in existence

  • Octopus release a cloud of black ink to deter predators

  • Octopus have 3 hearts

  • As long as an Octopus can fit its beak through a gap, it can fit its whole body

  • Octopus move by expelling jets of water that propels them forward

Octopus Garden 178 x 250

The octopus has astonishing physical and mental skills, it’s an expert at hide and seek! In the bright, exciting and challenging Octopus Garden, nothing is necessarily what or where it seems to be. Can you find the Giant Pacific Octopus hiding in its lair?


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