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New Friends!

Sea Life Kansas City is committed to bringing in new creatures as part of our exhibits as often as possible. Some of our newest friends include: 5 Yellow Rays, 2 Queen Angel fish, and 2 Scrawled fish.

Yellow Rays: are a smaller species of rays, and are unique in that they are extremely picky about their food. Did you know that Yellow Rays are so picky about their food that they won’t eat at all if they aren’t happy with their meal option? A favorite food of Yellow Rays is Little Neck

Scrawled fish: Did you know that Scrawled fish change color in order to communicate with each other?

Introducing Live Coral

Coral reefs are one of the most important habitats in the world. They are home to around 25% of ocean life, and are often known as the “rainforests of the sea.” In fact; they support so many animals that the animals have to work on a “time share,” with some waking up in the day and some waking up at night!

You can visit the new live coral tanks at Sea Life Aquarium now open. “A live coral tank has been something we wanted to do since day one and the most asked about display from guests since opening,” said Aaron Sprowl, Displays Curator for Sea Life Kansas City. “The opportunity to now have two live coral tanks for the guests to view will enable SEA LIFE to provide a better understanding of such a diverse ecosystem.”

The new live coral tanks are unique in that they do not harm ecosystems currently in place in our aquatic systems because the coral is man made and grown inside tanks.

Introducing our newest exhibit, Claws!

Claws Exhibit Japanese Spider Crab

Are you prepared to come face-to-face with a 14-foot Japanese Spider Crab? What about Coconut Crabs, agile enough to climb 20 feet in the air in search of food, and powerful enough to open a coconut with their claws.

The new Claws exhibit at Sea Life Aquarium Kansas City includes interactive features that allow you to learn the anatomy of amazing crustaceans such as these and many more. Feel the shell textures of different species and learn the secret to grabbing objects using a crab claw.

The Claws exhibit is free to attend with paid admission.

Parent & Toddler Special!


Now that the big kids are back in school, it is the perfect time to bring your little ones to explore SEA LIFE Kansas City!

On Monday through Thursdays in the fall and winter, you and your toddler (5 and under) can take advantage of the special rate of $20 plus tax. Addtional people in your party can join you for just $10 plus tax and kids under 3 are free.

These special tickets must be purchased online and are not available on peak holiday dates.

What a great journey under the sea for mommy or daddy & me!

Sleep Under the Sea!


SEA LIFE Kansas City is now offering group overnights!

Sleepovers at SEA LIFE Center Kansas City are one-of-a-kind overnight adventure for scout troops, school groups, church groups, youth organizations, and even families! The “Sleep Under the Sea” adventure includes an aquarium tour. behind the scenes, meals, craft activities, and much more . . . even a souvenir pillowcase!

Any group with at least 15 or more paying participants can book their own date for an overnight on a Friday or Saturday night (with at least 2 weeks notice).

Prices are $70 per child and $50 per chaperone. One adult chaperone is required for every 5 children.

Check in time: 7pm
Check out time: 9am

Call Group Sales at 816.471.4FUN (4386) for more information and to check available dates.

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