Feeding times

Feeding times

What's on today?

  • 11:00 Otter Feed
  • 12:00 Turtle Feed
  • 13.00 Shark Talk or Ray talk
  • 13:30 Shark Feed or Ray Feed (please phone 01389 721500 to confirm feed)
  • 14.30 Freshwater Feed
  • 15:00 Otter Feed and Training
  • 16.00 Seahorse Feed
  • 16:30 Turtle Talk/Feed
Bay of Rays

Ray Feed
Can you tell one type of Ray from another? You will when you have seen this fascinating talk from one of our marine experts. You’ll also get to know what they eat and who they live with.


Otter Madness Everyone loves the otters. And everyone loves, Lilly, Pickle and Cub. They are Asian Short Clawed Otters and they are very hungry all the time. During this feeding demonstration you’ll see their clever tricks and get to find out what makes them different from other otters and what we need to do to save them from extinction. Don’t worry if you miss the feeding time in the morning you can catch it again in the afternoon. Find out all about them and the conservation issues they face.

Ocean tunnel

Ocean Talk at Turtle Reef This is a chance to explore our Ocean Tunnel and find out about the conservation issues facing some of our sea creatures. You’ll meet Cammy, the only Green Sea Turtle in Scotland, see the Blacktip Reef Sharks that circle Turtle Reef and meet all the other fishes who share their tank!

Shark Lagoon

Ray Feed/ Ocean feed
We feed our huge Guitar shark, Blacktip Reef Sharks, Bonnetheads, Bamboo and Leopard Sharks every other day. It’s worth seeing these beautiful creatures enjoy their lunch. If no feeding is taking place you’ll be able to watch a presentation instead.

Conservation successes

Turtle reef

Our commitment to conservation

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