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Our commitment to conservation

Here at SEA LIFE we care deeply about our oceans, the creatures that live above and beneath the surface and those we are lucky enough to have in our care. We are experts in husbandry and will only keep creatures that we know will thrive in the displays we create for them.

We are campaigners and activists, doing all we can to preserve the precious life that dwells in our oceans. As well as the practical breeding, homing, rescue and rehabilitation of ocean dwelling creatures we also petition governments, host conferences and help raise awareness of all kinds of important marine issues.

Endangered animal breeding

Wildlife on our planet faces all kinds of threats, both from us and nature. Here at SEA LIFE London we are doing all we can to help some of the world’s most endangered species by running breeding programmes, by working alongside influential organisations and by helping to raise awareness of the dangers they face.

Breeding programmes help us to reinstate struggling species to environments they help to maintain. They also enable us to teach our guests about biodiversity and how every species plays its own part in its habitat as well as making them aware of the issues that the marine environment faces, how they can help, and how large companies are helping.

Some of the projects we are currently involved in are:

  • Cuban Croc

The Cuban Crocodile is thought to be one of the most intelligent of the crocodiles. It is also the most endangered, with only somewhere between 3000-6000 left in the wild. We have recently become one of the first places in the UK to introduce these crocodiles and currently display two females. We are looking at introducing a male in the near future. We then hope to begin a breeding programme that will allow us to establish a breeding population in SEA LIFE centres across the UK.

  • Seahorses

Only 1% of newborn Seahorses will survive into adulthood. So, with around 50 million of these beautiful creatures being fished annually, it’s hardly surprising that numbers are declining fast. We have 4 different species of seahorse on display at SEA LIFE London and have recently started putting plans in place for a seahorse breeding project.

  • Butterfly Goodeids

This fish is thought to be extinct in the wild. This is down to the fact that a new species has invaded their natural habitat. Thankfully we have a number of these fish here at SEA LIFE London. They are great breeders and give birth to live young.

  • Jellyfish

Jellyfish are a vital but sensitive part of the marine ecosystem. They are also a very popular display! Here at SEA LIFE London we keep our Aurelia aurita (Moon Jellyfish) stocks at a constant high with our brand new jellyfish breeding tanks.

Maintaining strong links with important charities

Currently we are working with the MCS on their “Your Seas Your Voice” campaign. This is a high profile campaign that is attempting to create Marine Protected areas around the UK. Only 1% of our waters are currently protected.

We promote the work of the charity, educate our guests on the importance of marine protected areas and focus public talks on the pressing issues that the UK Seas face. Aquarium staff members also attend talks by MCS staff to keep up to date with recent developments and successes of the project and hope to gain an even stronger relationship with the charity in the near future.

We enjoy great relationships with many other high profile charities and are constantly liaising with them to get involved in up and coming projects. Here are some of the charities we are currently working with:

  • WDCS

SEA LIFE London supports petitions and awareness events aiming to secure the future of whales and dolphins across the world. We are in constant contact with the WDCS, collecting petition signatures, holding whale conservation events and attending peaceful anti-whaling protests.
Visit Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

  • SOS

SEA LIFE London Aquarium sponsors SOS to ensure pivotal conservation work continues to protect vital habitats.
Visit Save our Seas

  • Rainforest Concern

SEA LIFE London promotes awareness of ancient habitats and the incredible creatures they are home to.
Visit Rainforest Concern

  • Shark Trust

SEA LIFE London Aquarium works with the Shark Trust on regular awareness weeks, opening people eyes and changing the misconceptions surrounding these great predators. During our recent Shark Week for The Shark Trust, we gained huge publicity for the problem of shark finning. In fact we were responsible for gaining 10% of the signatures on the petition!
Visit Shark Trust

  • Earth Sea Sky

SEA LIFE London Aquarium supports Earth Sea Sky in their work to protect critical turtle nesting sites and educating the public on how they can help. Recently we have been involved in successful conservation efforts with in raising money for their turtle breeding project in Greece.
Visit Earth Sea Sky

  • South Pacific Projects

SEA LIFE strives to promote and support South Pacific Projects’ work conserving key habitats and ecosystems around Fiji.
Visit South Pacific Projects

Themed education rooms

We believe that education on pivotal issues can begin at an early age. So we are really pleased that we have been able to welcome, on average, 40,000 school children to SEA LIFE London every year.

The aquarium currently has two purpose-designed education rooms that are used every day in term time by schools and during the school holidays by the general public. Both of the rooms are themed around the different Save Our Seas campaigns that we support and contain information about the most important and relevant topics such as shark finning and turtle conservation.

By having these education rooms themed, we provide enough information for thousands of schoolchildren and members of the general public to become passionate about our campaigns – but without ever losing the element of fun that has proven to be so engaging. We hope that our light hearted displays will inspire everyone who visits these rooms to go on to do something to help the marine environment.

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