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NEW SEA LIFE backstage:

For 1-12 people (parallel tours are not possible)

  • Exceptional view behind the scenes of a professional aquarium
  • Filter, salt and feed, a quarantine office or a wave maker; learn first hand how a professional aquarium works
  • Seize the chance: SEA LIFE opens exclusively all its doors and shows you during a special tour everything that happens behind the scenes
  • Adventure for families, businesses, clubs, friends or as an exclusive present

Dates: Every Friday at 6 pm and 8.15 pm
Duration: 90 Min. (not suitable for kids under the age of 6 years)
Prices on request.

Underwater love Candle-Light-Dinner

  • Exclusive guided tour for 2
  • Love potion at the reception
  • selected beverages
  • 3-course love menu for 2
  • Romantic guaranteed

Dates: Mo. - Fr. at 7.00 pm
Duration: approx. 3 hours
Price: 469,- € all inclusive

Explorer - Tour for kids

For 1-12 kids in the age of 5 to 15 years (unfortunately parallel tours are not available)

You have a small marine biologist at home? Endless questions about fish and other underwater creatures? During this tour small aquarists have the chance to ask all their questions and get immediate answers from our professional staff.

Dates: every Friday at 4 pm
Duration: 60 Min. (not suitable for kids under the age of 6 years)
Prices on request.

SEA LIFE exclusive:

For groups starting from 12 people

SEA LIFE opens its doors exclusively for your company, your club or your friends and family. Our staff will show you worth knowing and astonishing things about the life under water.

Dates: after the official opening hours
Duration: 90 - 120 Min.
Prices on request.

A charming extra for your guests: For only a small amount of money per person more the Sparkling wine reception is included and every guest gets our recent SEA LIFE magazine as a souvenir for an unforgettable evening!

*Are you looking for a romantic underwater location for your wedding, searching for exceptional place for your corporate event or do you need a remarkable idea for a press launch? *
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