John Dory

John Dory

John Dory also known as St Pierre or Peter's Fish, refers to fish of the genus Zeus.
This distinctive looking fish hunts by stealth. It will hang in mid-water waiting for smaller fish to swim close enough. It then opens its cavernous mouth, creating a vacuum that sucks in the prey. Due to the size of its mouth it can take quite a large fish. John Dory can normally be found among sandy areas in the East Atlantic and Mediterranean. It can grow as large as 60cm whilst dieting in fish and even squid.

Things To Do

  • Can you see what other fish John Dory is eyeing up today?!
  • What do you think is the real reason behind the name "John Dory"? (See our Fishy Facts below)
  • How many spikes in total can you count on our John Dory?
  • Do you like his wonderful colours?
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