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Wolfish is a strange looking fish. It has no scales and vicious looking teeth and can be found in the cold waters of the Arctic. The elongated, muscular body is generally green or blue-grey. Its formidable looking teeth are for breaking up the shells of crabs and shellfish. Wolf fish have even been known to attack fishermen when caught.
This species gets its name from its frightening dental equipment. The strong teeth are used to grind snail shells, mussels, sea urchins and crabs. New teeth grow to replace old, worn out ones. The female lays several thousand eggs in clumps the size of a fish between stones and plants.

Things to Do

  • Look out for the Wolf Fish hiding behind the rocks - he likes to play these games!
  • Can you count how many teeth when he opens that big mouth
  • Keep an eye out to see how he tackles his favourite foods
  • Can you tell the difference between the male and the female Wolfish?
  • Can you spot any eggs that have been laid?
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