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Bring the classroom to The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary and let the kids explore the wonderful variety of sea life we have here. Let our Animal Care Team lead the class and teachers, perhaps even learn a little something you didn't already know before!

Combine active learning with fascinating talks and take advantage of the opportunity to have a close encounter with a variety of creatures in a safe controlled environment. The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary offers a hands on educational visit like no other, offering an experience beyond the classroom with something to suit every child that walks through our doors.

Your visit will include:

  • A FREE educational talk - interactive, curriculum linked experience
  • FREE Teacher Places – 1 in 5 for primary schools, 1 in 10 for secondary schools
  • Free return visit with our SEA LIFE Expert certificate given to every school child
  • Brand New Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 resource packs available for download
  • Free downloadable Activity Packs - packed with fun-filled activites and perfect for the recreational visit
  • Planning supports - handy hints and information to make your trip run smoothly
  • Free downloadable risk assessment
  • Easy Access for coach drop off and pick up

Teacher Preview Visits

We like to ensure we are giving the best possible experience to each school child, and hope to tailor each visit to each group. Therefore we offer two teacher inspection visits to help you plan your school visit.
Come and familiarise yourself with the site and ask our staff any questions you may have. Ask at time of booking to book your place.

VIP Tours and Additional Products

VIP Tours
For just £1.50 extra per pupil, a Sanctuary expert will escort your group around each
display and give them interesting facts and answer any burning questions! NB: VIP
tours are subject to group size and availability - please check when booking.

Meal Deals
Pack lunches can be pre-ordered at a small cost, please telephone in advance for
the latest prices.

Gift Packs:
Gift packs can be pre-ordered at a small cost, please telephone in advance for the
latest prices.


2012 Pricing

Cost per pupil

Free places



1 free teacher for every 5 pupils

Secondary (age 12 - 16 years)


1 free teacher for every 10 pupils

Additional teachers


VIP Tour


Call 01631 720 386 to speak to us directly

When booking, you will be asked to make us aware of:-
• The time you would like to arrive and the time you are planning to leave
• Whether you would like a talk and which talk (from a choice of Seal Rescue Interactive Talk and demonstration, Seals & Sea Lions – Can you tell the difference?, Otters & their UK cousins, Cornish Coast Experience-Creatures that inhabit our rock pools, Marine rubbish and how it affects these mammals)
• With this information we will then tailor your visit to give you the best possible visit and provide a timetable on arrival.

After Your Visit

We are constantly striving to improve the experience of a school visit and would very much appreciate if you could complete a feedback form, All comments and recommendations will be taken on board and fed back to the attraction.

PDF Schools teacher feedback

For more details on creature and event updates please register with us.


Conservation is at the heart at everything we do here at The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary. We are pioneers of marine animal rescue, marine breeding programmes and petitioning governments to ensure the amazing underwater world is protected for future generations to enjoy. During your visit to SEA LIFE we strive to inform your pupils of our conservation efforts, encourage them to ask questions and carry out independent study. We believe this knowledge empowers students to make a difference.

The Greek island Zakynthos has been one of the main nesting locations for Mediterranean loggerhead turtles for thousands of years. Sadly, due to the tourism boom in the area, nesting adult females are being disturbed, eggs are being accidentally destroyed, and new hatchlings become confused by the lights and sounds of hotels and bars on the beaches. We are currently campaigning to build a turtle rescue facility and sanctuary in Laganas, Zakynthos.

So far, the SOS SEA LIFE Turtle Project has raised 150,000 Euros for the sanctuary and building work is continuing with assistance from volunteer electricians and carpenters from England.

To find out more about this project, download our Turtle Conservation Pack.

Turtle Conservation and Activity Pack

Conservation downloads

Our Turtle Conservation Pack is filled with activities, competitions and information for your class.

PDF Turtle Fact Pack

SEA LIFE has developed our existing relationship with WDCS to provide an education initiative that encourages children to learn about whales and to take an active part in their conservation.

The Whale Diploma is a fun, curriculum-linked education pack teaching children about the world of whales, whilst encouraging them to get actively involved in whale protection. Suitable for use in schools and at home. Aimed at 8-12 year olds but can be tailored to suit other ages.

WDCS Whale Diploma

Download our WDCS Whale Diploma to support your classes. The password can be found on your visit booking confirmation.

PDF Whales_pdf

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