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Summer Apprentice Competition


Captain Timbers and Mermaid Princess Mirlandra chose their summer apprentice on Monday 29th July 2019 and the winning story came from Megan Nicholson!

You can enjoy Megan's story below...

"Ahoy there me hearty," Captain Timbers waved to me from his enormous ship, "I didn't think ye were going to make it before we set sail."
The Captain leant over the side of the boat and hoisted me aboard.
"Ay, Captain, neither did I." I offered, "I couldn't find anywhere to get rid of this plastic bottle"
I held up a drinks bottle to show Timbers which promptly blew out of my hand and into the sea.
"Argh well, now ye found a place I guess." He said before setting a course for the middle of the Pacific ocean.
The Captain and I had been sailing for several hours when a loud roar interrupted the sound of waves. The Captain rubbed his stomach, drew a net from a barrel and cast it over the side of the ship in hopes of catching something tasty to eat.

Princess Mirlandra glared into the ocean and saw the poor animals who's homes had all been destroyed by plastic.
"How could they let this happen?" She thought as glided along. "Plastic is so bad for the environment, yet they're still using it!"
Mirlandra became angry at the thought before coming across a poor turtle who had it's shell caught in a net, a sorrowful look swept over his face. Mirlandra helped untangle the turtle but found that she had no where to put the net, after all there are no recycle bins in the ocean.
"People don't even use the ones on land it seems." Mirlandra thought to herself wistfully.
Before she had any time to find somewhere for it, she found herself caught in a net of her own!

  "Let's see what tasty morsel we be havin' for our lunch." The Captain said heaving the net back up and into the boat.
The net was filled with plastic bottles, carrier bags and drinking straws. There wasn't a single fish in sight, just layers and layers of litter.
"It seems that lunch is off the menu Captain." I say before the shimmer of shiny scales catches my eye.
"Maybe we did catch somethin' af'er all!" the Captain exclaimed. "Lunch is saved!"
"Afraid not Timbers." The scales replied. "It's only me, Mirlandra and what looks like an awful load of plastic rubbish."
Mirlandra moved so we could see more of her. Her shimmering turquoise tail glistened in the sunlight, her pastel lavender hair flowed down to her waist and her eyes were the colour of the ocean.
"I think me, you and the humans need to talk about what it really means to recycle. And while we're at it lets talk about reducing and reusing, oh and all the 6 r's actually." she said sorting the plastic into different piles on the deck.
"I think ye mean the 6 arrrrrrrrrrrrrghs Princess Mirlandra!" Captain Timbers said with a chuckle.
"Well are you ready to learn about the 6 r's young Ocean Explorer?" the mermaid asked me.
"Yes, I am. Tell me what I need to do."