Black tip reef shark

Black Tip Reef Shark

Black tip sharks are commonly found in shallow water and live near the coast. Therefore, the fishermen caught them easily. They are considered vulnerable because the number of sharks caught is greater than the number of sharks that are born. Like all sharks, black tip have a very long gestation period and produce very few offspring at a time. This makes it difficult for the population to recover quickly.

Did you know...?

Blacktip sharks must swim constantly with their mouths open so that oxygen-rich water flowing through their gills or respiratory structures, located in five separate openings on each side of the head. Since sharks have no swim bladder like bony fish, they will sink to the bottom if they stop swimming.

Things to Do

  • Watch our Sharks in their Ocean tank.
  • Spot the Black Tip Reef Sharks prominent black tip on its fins
  • Get up close to these timid and skittish creatures
  • Black Tip Reef Sharks live in the same home for a few years at a time
  • Find out why Sharks are not dangerous to humans

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