How did Seahorse get its name? The Seahorse is called like this because its head resembles that of a horse.

They are masters of camouflage and can quickly adapt to their natural environment in order to hide from their few predators. Seahorses are among the most endangered animal species. The decline in their population is mainly due to the massive destruction of their habitats and intensive fishing of the waters, so they often end up as bycatch in the nets.

Things to Do:

  • Watch the clever disguise of these creatures in their tank
  • Find out why seahorses need a good water quality, space and a special diet
  • Learn why seahorses are sensitive animals and e.g. react stressed on flash and on knocking on the windows
  • Find out why seahorses are endangered in the wild
  • Learn what is making SEA LIFE for the conservation of these animals worthy of protection
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