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AquaDom & SEA LIFE Berlin offers disabled access and is a child-friendly place. Children under the age of three go free. Read up on our facilities and our restaurant.

Disabled Access

At AquaDom & SEA LIFE Berlin, we have full disabled access with no stairs or much elevation. There is also a special bathroom available to suit the needs of a person with disabilities.

However, no more than one wheelchair can enter our AquaDom at any one time for safety reasons.

There are several places to sit down if you have problems with walking. Please not though, that those might be in use by others during peak times.

Bathrooms and baby-changing

Our two bathrooms and baby-changing area are located at the entrance of the exhibition as well as near the AquaDom at the end. There are no further bathrooms inside the aquarium.

Buggy Policy

Unfortunately, there is no space for leaving your buggy at the entrance. It is possible though to enter and visit the SEA LIFE with your buggy, so you do not need to leave it behind. Please ensure to be considerate of other visitors and that you block nobody's view with your buggy.

Please note: Buggies cannot be taken onto the AquaDom ride.

Dogs and other animals

It is not allowed to take dogs or any other animal into the exhibition or restaurant.


Children under the age of 15 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Further information

  • For hygienic reasons, the Aquarium has a strict no eating or drinking policy considering your own food. Please eat your own food outside. Infant food is of course an exempt from this.

All-weather fun

As the Aquarium is completely indoors your visit will not be affected by the weather. On rainy or snowy days you will be protected from the weather and on hot days you can cool down in our aquarium.

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