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This June meet the Octonauts and join us for this fun-filled educational event!

  • 12th June - 11th July
  • Tickets from £17.50 (Included with Standard Entry ticket)
  • Perfect for families with children

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OH NO! Captain Barnacles is missing!

At 8am this morning, Captain Barnacles was out in Gup A on a solo mission, checking on the local coral to make sure it has enough zooxanthellae (that's algae to you and me).

Suddenly, an undersea storm swept him up and carried him far away!

The rest of the Octonauts are worried about where he's got to and need YOU to step in as Captain for a day.

You'll learn lots of cool stuff about the ocean and how to protect it along the way.

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Help save Captain Barnacles...

Bring him back to the octopod

  • Meet & greet the Octonauts at surprise appearances throughout the day! 
  • Plenty of cool photo opportunities
  • Fun activity trail and treasure hunt style activities throughout the aquarium
  • 5 fun action stations where you can learn about the creatures and conservation
  • Lots of fun activities: learn how to make an origami Gup, make an Octonauts mask, arts and crafts, sing-alongs and more!
  • Get a reward for completion

Ticket information

  • Discover over 2,500 species from the curious and the rescued to the rare and simply unbelievable, get closer than ever before with our creatures of the deep
  • Reschedule for free if your plans change*
  • Child tickets from £16 and Under 3's go free!