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Adopt a Seal

Dozens of sick seals wash up on the Belgian coast every year. These baby seal pups are in poor health, injured, exhausted and very thin. Without their mothers, these animals have very slim chances of survival. The SOS Rescue Team at SEA LIFE Blankenberge catches the baby seals and cares for them at its own seal rescue centre. After three or four months of intensive care, the captive seals are released back into the wild.

We have been doing this for 14 years now, with great success, caring for more than 400 seals in recent years. Unfortunately this is very expensive: catching and caring for a seal pup costs 2,500 euros and we do not receive any government grants or support to do it.

One way to support the care of a seal is to adopt a pup. This costs 500 euros: an amount that is used entirely for the care of captive seals.

As an adoptive parent, you can choose your seal’s name. You will receive one adoption pass that allows you to visit SEA LIFE Blankenberge with five friends or family members. You will also be invited to join us on the day the seal is set free to release your own seal back into the wild.

Are you interested in adopting a seal? Call us on 050 424300.

Covid-19 update

We are open! Anyone wishing to visit must book a time slot online in advance. This way we avoid queues and we can always keep a sufficient distance between visitors. Read our update to consult the envisaged measures.