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Expedition Turtle

Join us on an expedition into the depths of the treacherous jungle and meet our strange yet beautiful turtles. See the results of 200 million years of evolution, such as the powerful jaws of the snapping turtle and the unique appearance of the snakeneckturtle.

In Expedition Turtle you will learn about one of our most popular species: turtles. There are over 330 different subspecies of turtles, spread across 14 families. Turtles can be found all over the world in diverse biotopes, such as forest, grasslands, swamps and oceans. Dozens of species are severely threatened by human activities. The most common threats are the destruction of natural habitats and the killing of wild turtles for consumption or the animal trade.

Learn more about this unique species and be amazed be several very unique turtle in our new attraction Expedition Turtle!

The opening of Expedition Turtle is scheduled for Saturday, March 1st.

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Thursday attraction open until 9 pm

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