Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

When you visit SEA LIFE Blankenberge, you agree to the house rules of the attraction.

  • Children under the age of 12 years only have access under the guidance of a paying adult aged 16 years or over.
  • Smoking and the use of narcotic drugs are not allowed in SEA LIFE Blankenberge.
  • It is not permissible - without the supervision and permission of one of our employees - to put hands in the water or touch the fish.
  • SEA LIFE Blankenberge is not responsible for injuries caused by the animals or other parts of the attraction.
  • Your visit to SEA LIFE Blankenberge - and all its facilities - is at your own risk. SEA LIFE is not liable for injuries, loss and / or damage to your property.
  • During your visit you must be in possession of a valid proof of entry. You can be requested to show this.
  • Wearing appropriate clothing is mandatory (wearing bathing is not permitted).
  • For your safety, we use security cameras.
  • It is not allowed to discard waste or other materials in the basins / lodgings.
  • In theft we switch the police.
  • Dogs or other pets are not allowed in SEA LIFE (except for a guide dog).

Promotions & Discount Actions

Promotional actions are not valid in combination with other actions and / or discounts. These are also not valid in conjunction with pre-sale or online tickets. The maximum number of people for which the promotion is valid and the expiration date is stated on the discount voucher. Free cards or coupons without validity date are not accepted at checkout.

Year passes are only valid if they have a signature of the holder. ID is required when using an annual passport.

Other conditions

Although great care and attention is paid to our website - and other expressions - there may always be (busy) errors. SEA LIFE Blankenberge is in no way responsible for printing and printing errors in her expressions.

SEA LIFE Blankenberge is in no way liable for any damage suffered by (information / materials) on our website and / or other expressions.