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Rescue, Breed, Protect

The SEA LIFE network not only shows how splendid the world of seas and oceans is to millions of people, but also plays an important role in protecting these waters and their inhabitants for the future.

SEA LIFE ensures that nature conservation is maintained by making people more aware, and it regularly contributes directly to nature conservation and to the sea creatures’ wellbeing.

During the last few years a special plan has been drawn up to make these activities possible and to develop them. This plan is called SAVE OUR SEAS – abbreviated to S.O.S.

2009 campaign – Stop whaling
Whales are such fantastic creatures, but unfortunately they are subjected to many threats.
Support our latest campaign against the abominable whale industry.

Stop whaling

New stop whaling

Help us stop whaling

Back from the brink

seahorse conservation

The spiny Seahorse

Conservation of turtle nests

Turtle nesting

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