On the door Price for schools Free for teachers
SEA FRONT Combination SEA LIFE BLANKENBERGE + SEA FRONT Supplement: €4.55 p.p. 1 teacher per 15 students
Serpentarium Combination SEA LIFE BLANKENBERGE AND SERPENTARIUM - €9.75 p.p. 1 teacher per 15 students
Combination with Belle Epoque SEA LIFE BLANKENBERGE AND BELLE EPOQUE - €7.00 p.p. 1 teacher per 15 students
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Combination with SEA FRONT

The old fish market was transformed into a fascinating theme park. 
Immerse yourself with the classroom in the wonderful world of sea and seafaring, fish and fishery.
Stand at the wheel of the lightship West-Hinder or board a real Russian submarine!
Choose a free visit on the basis of free entry sheets, a guided tour or a workshop.
Do not forget to reserve the free picnic area. There is also a free drink for each student.

Combination with the Serpentarium


Would you like to combine your visit to SEA LIFE with a visit to the reptiles at the Serpentarium? You can do this for an extra €3.50 extra per person.