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Boy looking into touch pool tank

Touchpool - CLOSED

Get closer to the creatures than ever before. Meet our Giant Spiny Starfish- when you touch him you’ll find out where he gets his name! Find out more about our Albino Lobster whose chances of being caught were less than one in a hundred million! With its bright colouring making it very visible as prey these creatures are extremely rare- make sure to ask how he ended up here!


Girl looking into Rivers of the World Tank

Rivers of the World

Take a journey through the rivers of the world to meet the creatures from the Amazon, Southern Africa and South East Asia. Meet our invasive yellow bellied slider terrapins, our red bellied piranhas and our upside-down catfish!

Discover something amazing!

Sting Ray swimming in Caribbean Cove

Caribbean Cove

Our Caribbean Cove is home to Merlin, the first Cow nosed ray born in Ireland, a breeding pair of dwarf tail nurse sharks (whose baby we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of!) and a variety of other rays and sharks that enjoy the worlds warmer climates.

Lion Fish in Toxic Terror Zone

Toxic Terrors

Enter the toxic terror zone if you dare! Here you will find some of the worlds most venomous and poisonous creatures. From the Long-Spined Pufferfish to the Red Lionfish to the Honey Comb Moray Eels to the Golden Pufferfish! It’s like a who’s who of the worlds deadliest sea creatures.

Ray swimming in the Bay of Rays Tank

Bay of Rays

There are over 40 different Ray species found in the waters around the UK, Ireland and the Mediterranean. In our Bay of Rays you will find an assortment of some of the most interesting species including the Thornback rays, Painted Rays and Blonde Rays.

Shark swimming in a tropical shark lagoon

Tropical Shark Lagoon

Come Face to Fin with some of the world’s most iconic sharks in our Tropical Shark Lagoon. The Black Tip Reef Shark is identified by the prominent black tips at the end of their fins. These sharks are commonly found inhabiting the tropical reefs of the Indian and pacific oceans. You will also find Bonnethead sharks, Bamboo sharks and Japanese Bull Head Sharks. They are not all as fearsome as they look… if you watch carefully you might see some of the small fish getting right up close to them to take off a parasite or to have a little scratch on their rough skin!

Important Visitor Information

As part of the Government’s containment plan for COVID-19, we are required to temporarily close SEA LIFE Bray.
The closure which began on 7th October is expected to be in place until 1st December (TBC).

We will continue to monitor the situation closely, please refer to our websites and social channels for further updates on a date when we will reopen.

If you have tickets we will be in touch soon to rearrange your visit.