Octonauts 2014

Octonauts at The National SEA LIFE Centre Bray - September 2014

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13th September - 28th September 2014

Visitors will dive into action with the Octonauts, the team of undersea adventure heroes from CBeebies. Young fans of the TV show will embark on an exciting mission where they can meet Kwazii & Peso!*

*Check below for times of character appearances.


Meet Peso

'Flappity flippers!' - Peso is the medic for the team. He's an expert at bandaging and always carries his medical kit with him in case of emergencies. He's not too fond of scary things, but if a creature is hurt or in danger, he can be the bravest Octonaut of all!


Meet Kwazii

'Shiver me whiskers!' - Kwazii is a daredevil orange cat with a mysterious pirate past. Ask him where he’s from and you’re likely to get an answer that involves a place you can’t find on a map. So why would Captain Barnacles make a former pirate of dubious background his Lieutenant on the Octopod? One thing is certain: Kwazii is a cat of true courage.

Meet and Greet times


SATURDAY 13th - 20th - 27th

11.30 am

12.30 pm

1.45 pm

3.30 pm

4.30 pm

SUNDAY 14th - 21th - 28th

11.30 am

12.30 pm

1.45 pm

3.30 pm

4.30 pm


We reserve the right to amend any of the appearances and times, but will endeavour to keep to the above. All elements of The National SEA LIFE centre Bray are open as normal.

Please note – this is a free event included in the admission charge to The National SEA LIFE Centre Bray. The National SEA LIFE Centre Bray reserves the right to cancel or cut short any character appearance without prior notice.

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Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 10:00am-6.00pm

Sat-Sun: 10:00am-6.00pm

Last Admission 1 hour prior to closing

Customer Information & Schools

01 2866939

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