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Rainforest Species

  • SEA LIFE, Rivers of the World

In this landscape food can be plentiful.

During the wet season, rivers flood the rainforest floor where fruits, nuts and seeds fall. When the dry season returns some fish are trapped in ever-decreasing, muddy pools without food, with little oxygen and no way of escaping predators.

On the river predators can appear from any direction, above or below the water. You've got to be tough to make it in this habitat. Many rainforest creatures are big and toothy but sometimes it's the smallest and most harmless-looking animals which can pack the deadliest punch! 

Are you ready for a jungle adventure? Let's go!

Red Bellied Piranhas

These fish have a fearsome reputation but you'll soon discover that this is undeserved and that they are actually rather beautiful! Their bodies appear to be covered in glitter; These sparkling scales make them hard for predators, such as birds, to spot from the riverbank as they look like the sunlight reflecting off the water's surface.


Big Fish

Tropical rainforest rivers are notoriously full of BIG freshwater fish and we have plenty of these in Rivers of the World.

Species such as Red Tailed Catfish and Black Pacu are often sold by pet shops when they are very tiny, to owners who only have small tanks. However, these river monsters soon grow large... very large! And big fish need big tanks. So if you're looking for a pet fish, do some research and be sure you can still look after your pet once it's fully grown.



When you visit you'll come face to face with our Yellow Bellied Terrapins!

Terrapins are often bought when they are very small and cute, but they aren't ideal pets: They need lots of varied food, a heat lamp for sunbathing, lots of water for swimming and they can live for over 40 years!

Red Earred Terrapin
Girl with turtles

Boy or Girl?

It's easy to tell! Look for the smallest Terrapins with the longest claws, those are the boys. Males sometimes swim in front of the females, who are much larger than them, and wiggle their long claws in the ladies faces to try and impress them.