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The Seahorse Trust & SEA LIFE

The SEA LIFE Centre has now formed a fund raising and working/research partnership with The Seahorse Trust. 26 European SEA LIFE Centres have placed collecting vortexes in their centres to help raise funds for The Seahorse Trust. The donations kindly made by their guests will help the trust to carry out vital research and conservation work.

SEA LIFE Centres and Trust Director have worked together for the last 20 years and Neil frequently offers advice and help regarding seahorse culturing and conservation. The Seahorse Trust also now sits on the SEA LIFE Ethical and Scientific committees and between all of us we are making a difference to the marine world.

SEA LIFE Bray also began showing The seahorse trust conservation video to educate their visitors regarding the plight of seahorse throughout the world. This video can be seen below.

The Seahorse Alliance

SEA LIFE, The Seahorse Turst, Save Our Seahorses in Ireland and MCC in Cambodia have set up the alliance to build on their existing working partnership and there has been an amazing response with partnerships being formed from all over the world. By speaking with one voice for seahrose we aim to make a major difference worldwide to the seahorses and the marine environment.

Save Our Seahorses

Recent research from Save Our Seahorses has recently unearthed some very shocking news. SOS has shown that the situation with seahorses being used for the Traditional Medicine Trade (TMT) is considerably worse than we ever thought. We had always thiough tthe numbers used each year were about 20 - 60 million which is bad enough but Kealan Doyle founder and director of SOS went undercover to discover the true extent of numbers and his conservative estimate is approximately 150 million per year. Thsi is not sustainable and seahorses could be functionally extinct in so many parts of the world in the next 20 -30 years, unless we all do soemthing about it.
Kealan, SOS and SEA LIFE Centre have come up with an invite to the peopel of China to work with us to make a difference.
Sign up to the campaign on the trust's website or on the Save Our Seahorses campaign site.
Sign up at

Check out the video below for more information, this video is also being shown throughout SEA LIFE centre's to educate visitors regarding the plight of seahrose.

The Studland tagging Project

The Studland project this year run by The Seahorse Trust and aided by The SEA LIFE Centre's has had some very worrying results with only 15 sightings all year. The ongoing degradation of the seagrass and the unusual weather patterns over the last couple of years have led to fewer animals and we are very worried that iof the numbers drop too far they will disappear totally from the site. Over the next few years The Seahorse Trust aims to expand the survey to all coastal areas located beside SEA LIFE Centres.

We are also urging anyone who encounters a seahorse or seahorses at sea…be they scuba-divers or commercial fishermen…to please report the encounter using the form located here

Together we hope to gather data on the status and distribution of as many species as possible to help steer conservation endeavors.

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