Stingray breeding program

stingray breeding programme

In 2010 we launched our Amazonian stingray breeding program. We have successfully breed 12 baby rays in our quarantine facility. Our aim is to relive pressure on wild stocks by breeding rays in the centre for future release into the wild. Freshwater stingrays have become under pressure in the wild due to a number of factors, they are an important food source in some regions of the lower Amazon and they have also become a popular fish for home aquarium hobbyists. As of 2002, over 20,000 freshwater stingrays are exported annually from Brazil. Another reason for there sharp decline is due to swimmers fearing stingrays, so some resorts hire people to kill entire populations of these animals. It has been estimated that in the last three years at least 21,000 stingrays were removed from the population.

The IUCN—The World Conservation Union—highly recommends making a population assessment since this ray’s geographic range is limited, and because major impacts—such as the clearing of rainforests—affect the river rays’ habitat.

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