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They have no brain, heart, central nervous system or blood, and they are considered one of the most mysterious creatures of the deep… Now, they can be seen like never before inside Jellyfish Discovery. This interactive attraction offers guests an up-close look at more than 100 jellies gracefully dancing around ceiling-high tube tanks with multi-colored spotlights. Plus, hands on elements give guests a better understanding of these ghost-like creatures and their ability to move in water so gracefully.

Did you know...

  • Jellyfish have no central nervous system, no blood, no heart and no brain, and their bodies consists of 95% water!

  • They swim by contracting movements of their bell, and most pick up foods by grabbing small plankton with their feeding tentacles.

  • They have stinging cells called nematocysts which "paralyze their prey". These are the same stinging cells that often sting humans while they are wading in the water. Putting white vinegar or very hot water on a jellyfish sting are some of the best ways to make it less painful.

  • Some jellyfish have simple eyes that can sense light and movement.

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