Common octopus

Giant Pacific Octopus

Did you know that the Octopus has three hearts and blue blood? They are also able to squeeze through a space as small as a quarter, walk on land, solve simple problems, change the color & texture of their skin and are very good at escaping from their displays!

Should an Octopus be discovered, it will release a cloud of black ink to obscure its attacker’s view. This will give it time to escape. The ink will also dull the attacker’s sense of smell, which will give the Octopus another unfair advantage – it will be a lot more difficult to find again!

Explore the life of our Giant Pacific Octopus, the largest type in the world, at SEA LIFE Aquarium! Discover the amazing adaptations that this animal has and learn why we give it “toys” to play with. Watch our nocturnal beauty come to life and prove how smart it is while watching it eat!

Things to Do

  • Discover how smart Octopuses really are
  • Find out how an Octopus eats
  • Spot his big powerful suckers
  • See his long arms grabbing and touching all around him
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