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Finless Porpoise Rescue

Rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing finless porpoises

Want to see finless porpoises? With over 30,000 porpoises in its waters, South Korea is the place for you!

But those numbers are shrinking, as finless porpoises fight against commercial fishing and dwindling resources. They’re often found in shallow water, dehydrated and wounded.

At SEA LIFE Busan, we’re working with the South Korean government to run a unique rescue, rehabilitation and release programme.

And we’re doing the same for other marine animals, like green sea turtles and whale sharks.

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Wow fact 1

The finless porpoise is the smallest of all whales

Wow fact 2

There are 6 species of porpoise across the world

Wow fact 3

Adults are almost completely grey but black when born