World of Colors - Chameleon (daily 11:00): With us in the rain forest you can marvel at the masters of camouflage hunting for insects.
Cuba Crocodiles (daily 14:00): Experience our Cuba crocodile, which is lurking in clear water with shaving teeth.



In our rain forest area you will find the insect station. There are hundreds of crab-animals. Get a real insect from the ranger at the Ranger Camp. How does a millipede feel on your skin?



In this area you can find out what is on the menu of the cownose ray and batfishes.



Our 100 kg sea turtle Oscar loves broccoli. In our 8 meter long oceano tunnel, you can admire Oscar, our nurse shark as well as black tip reef sharks.


Talk and feed times are subject to change. To be sure you won't miss a thing, please enquire about your favourite animal feed on entry.