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SEA LIFE Trust Sanctuaries

SEA LIFE TRUST Sanctuaries

In addition to supporting projects across the world to protect our oceans and wonderful marine life, our charity partner the SEA LIFE Trust owns and operates two marine animal sanctuaries.

They recently created the world’s first whale sanctuary for formerly captive beluga whales off the south coast of Iceland. The first two residents, Little White and Little Grey, travelled over 6,000 miles from an aquarium in China to their new home on Heimaey Island in June 2019.

The SEA LIFE Trust also runs the Cornish Seal Sanctuary on the Helford Estuary in Gweek, where sick and injured seal pups receive expert care at the onsite Seal Hospital so that, once they have regained full health, they can be released back to their home in the sea.

SEA LIFE Trust is a charity registered in England & Wales (1175859) and company limited by guarantee (10833916); both are registered at Link House, 25 West Street, Poole, BH15 1LD. Images © SEA LIFE Trust

Meet some of the sanctuary residents below:


Ray is a grey seal, he was rescued after being found pressed up against the side of a rock face during a bad storm. He now has a home at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.


Babyface is a common seal and was rescued in 1978. He now lives at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.


Rescued in 2019 from Titchwell beach. He's very feisty and is being well cared for by our specialist animal care team. Since his arrival he’s doubled his weight to over 12Kg and has pulled through the nasty infection he arrived with. He’s now eating whole herring fish and continues to go from strength to strength. He now enjoys lengthy swims during the day and it shouldn’t be too long before he is ready to progress to the pup pool.

Bruce Springsteen

Rescued in 2019 from Hunstanton beach. He was found at 2-3 days old weighing 10Kg, which is average for a seal his age. He's a feisty little guy and is doing well. Bruce is being well cared for by our specialist animal care team who are feeding him a special fish soup mixture every three hours to help keep him growing big and strong! Since his arrival Bruce has put on 4 Kg and has progressed from the fish soup mixture to eating whole herring. He enjoys his long swims.


Madonna is doing really well, she’s hand feeding her fish so she'll progress to the pup pool very soon with Gwen. She’s putting on weight nicely so shouldn’t be with us too long!

Gwen Stefani

Gwen is flying through rehab, she was hand feeding fish on her second day and she’s really bright and active. She was rescued in 2019 from Heacham South beach weighing 10Kg and she is now over 13 Kg. She’ll move into the pup pool with Madonna where, hopefully, they’ll teach each other to catch fish before being released.


Elvis was found very dehydrated, extremely thin and malnourished; weighing only 7.5kg he was lighter than a typical healthy new-born common seal pup. Aaw. Elvis has been under the specialist care of the seal rescue team and has already made a remarkable turnaround, putting on over 2kg in weight. Amazing!

Kylie Minogue

Rescued in 2019 from Snettisham beach at 7.5Kg, Kylie was massively underweight, but she has since gained 2kg. Woo! Whole herring fish have been added into her diet, but she’s still getting the special fish soup mixture to help her fully recover.