Shoaling ring 

Do you know which fishes prefer living in shoaling rings? Learn more about shoaling rings and see how our fishes are being fed.


Rocky shore

Joins us at our Rocky shore for feeding time with our starfishes, sea anemones and other creatures.


Ray tank

Watch our rays beeing fed at our ray tank. This area is designed like a cave on the coast of Norway.


Atlantic Ocean

Discover our sharks, wreckfish and eagle rays and watch how they are being fed.



 Join the feeding of our native sea creatures in the Wannsee area.



Don't be shocked by our scary looking catfishes. Watch them being fed and get an impression how scary they really are.


Eagle rays

Don't miss our exciting eagle rays being fed at our Atlantic Ocean tank.



Feel like you are among the animals while they are being fed.


Talk and feed times are subject to change. To be sure you won't miss a thing, please enquire about your favourite animal feed on entry.