Interactive Rockpool experience

You can feel the underwater world itself at the touching pool. Did you know that the sea anemone is not a plant but an animal? 


Feeding of the Sharks and other reef inhabitants

Observe our divers from the High-Life-Divers cleaning the windows of the tropical ocean and watch them feed various shark species and other reef inhabitants.


Sturgeons feeding

What can I learn from our experts about the inhabitants of the Danube Delta? Experience the different inhabitants at close range.


Ray feeding

Be there at the lectures at the Mediterranean port - they take place every 15 minutes every day. Learn more about the various types of rays and what is on their menu.


Feeding of the Sharks and other reef inhabitants

Experience the feeding of the Ammenhais and Black-Tip-Reef Sharks from the Panoramafenster. Find out what's on the shark's menu.

Daily interactive background information and lectures at the touch pool and Mediterranean port, approx. Every 20-25 min.

Talk and feed times are subject to change. To be sure you won't miss a thing, please enquire about your favourite animal feed on entry.