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Visitor Information Coronavirus / COVID-19


Dear visitors, we are happy to be there for you again every day between 10:00 and 17:30 (last admission: 16:00) and to welcome you again!

The well-being and health of our visitors are our highest priorities. Therefore, we ask you to follow the following guidelines to help contain the virus and to secure everyone's health:

Safety and hygiene at site:

  • If you have any symptoms that may be part of an infection with the virus COVID-19 or if you have been in contact with a person who got diagnosed positive for the virus, we kindly ask you to postpone your visit at one of our aquariums. If you have already purchased tickets, please contact our callcenter via +49 (0)180 666 690 101 (0,20 €/call from a German fixed network, mobile network max. 0,60€/call)


  • Keep your distance: Please keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres to everyone that is not part of your household.





  • Wear a mask: Please be aware that it is mandatory to keep your mask on at all times during your visit.





  • Frequently wash your hands with soap (min. 20 seconds)





  • Please use our disinfectant dispensers at the entrance and inside. 





  • Please sneeze and cough into your armpit.





  • We kindly ask you to refrain from paying with cash and use contactless paying methods like purchasing online tickets or payment by credit/debit card.



Opening hours

For now we are open every day between 12:00 and 17:30 (last admission: 16:00).


Purchasing a ticket:

I want to visit SEA LIFE. What is the best possibility to purchase a ticket?

  • To be able to control our capacities inside our attraction we offer online tickets with an allocated time slot for your visit. Every time slot only allows a certain number of visitors to enter our attraction to secure the minimum distance between people at all times. Our employees will scan your online ticket contactless from your mobile phone or from a printed sheet. Please note that both the visit date and time of the purchased ticket are binding.

Can I change my time slot after the purchase?

  • Please make sure that the day and time of your planned visit is correct before you purchase your ticket and be there in time. Unfortunately, we cannot assure an entry after your allocated time slot due to reasons of capacity inside our attraction.

My desired day/time slot is not available. What can I do?

  • If your desired day or time slot is not available, the time slot has reached its maximum capacity. Please choose another time slot for your own safety. 

I don't want to purchase my tickets online. What are my options?

  • You still have the opportunity to purchase tickets at site. However, we kindly ask you not to pay with cash to minimize the contact between people. 

I have a voucher/a free ticket. When can I come to visit your attraction?

  • We included capacities for people who already have tickets and didn't select a time slot beforehand. Just come and talk to one of our employees and they will add you to the next possible time slot.

I am annual pass holder. When can I come to visit your attraction?

  • We included capacities for our annual pass holders who didn't select a time slot beforehand. Just come and talk to one of our employees and they will add you to the next possible time slot.

My visit

Is my time at your attraction limited, when there are allocated time slots?

  • Yes, the time of your visit is limited to 90 minutes.

Does my child have to wear a mask as well?

  • Children under the age of three do not have to wear a mask.

Are there any restrictions during my visit?

  • The well-being and health of our visitors and employees are our highest priorities, that's why we cannot provide the following experiences at the moment: Show feedings and touch pools.


SEA LIFE Annual Pass 

For answers regarding questions about your SEA LIFE annual pass, please read the following FAQ:

I have a valid SEA LIFE annual pass and I can't properly use it due to the closing of the attractions for a certain time. What can I do?


  • We will extend all annual passes, that are valid after March 17th 2020 with no extra charge. The time that the annual pass will be extended to is depending on the final closing time of our attractions. For example: 
    • 5-8 weeks closed: Extension by 2 months
    • 9-12 weeks closed: Extension by 3 months

The basis for this extension is the final closing time of the attraction in which you purchased your annual pass. 


We will take care of the extension for you. It will be done automatically, so you don't have to do anything. It is not necessary to print out your SEA LIFE annual pass again. The new validity date will be automatically updated in our systems.



I purchased a SEA LIFE annual pass online but haven't activated the annual pass in one of the attractions yet. What can I do?

  • Every SEA LIFE annual pass that has been already purchased will keep its validity. The period of validity will start on the first day of activation in one of our attractions.
  • Due to the temporary closure, the period of activation of the online tickets will be extended: 
    • After the reopening of our attractions you have six weeks to activate your annual pass. 
    • Please keep in mind that the SEA LIFE annual pass can only be activated in the SEA LIFE location over which you purchased the pass online. 

My SEA LIFE annual pass is expiring soon. What can I do?

  • We have updated our options for extensions for all SEA LIFE annual passes that are expiring/have expired while we were closed. We offer you to extend your annual pass for the regular extension price if you extend it within a month after the attraction's reopening.
  • You will get a new annual pass for your extension. The new expiration date depends on the day on which you activated your extension.
  • Extending or using the annual pass after the given deadline is not possible.

My SEA LIFE annual pass expired during the period of closing and I have alreaday purchased an extension online. What can I do?

  • You can activate and collect your new SEA LIFE annual pass within a month after the attraction reopened. You will receive a new annual pass. The new expiration date depends on the day on which you activated your extension at site. Please keep in mind that you can only activate and collect your annual pass at the SEA LIFE location where you purchased it online.


Important information for Dutch guests:

Due to the current situation the German government has announced a travel warning for North Holland (Noord-Holland) & South Holland (Zuid-Holland) .

If you have come from one of the specified provinces we would like to ask you not to visit our attraction.

If you have any questions about a ticket refund, please contact

Many thanks for your understanding!



Important visitor information

We are open daily from 10:00 to 17:30 (last admission: 16:00)! On site we currently only offer cashless payment. Please note that due to limited capacity and high demand we can only guarantee admission with an online ticket or a time slot reservation for other tickets! Please pre-book your ticket here and choose a time slot for your visit. General information about our reopening can be found on our website.