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Educational Trips to SEA LIFE

A visit to Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium is jam-packed with high-quality, educational content.

The nature of the aquarium setting, the complementary activities, the constant guidance of our staff of marine biologists, together with the teaching methods and learning material used make this educational outing a one-of-a-kind experience.

Based on active participation and engagement, all the learning activities have been created according to the principles of 'Edutainment' and specifically tailored and diversified for each individual age group, in accordance with ministry guidelines.

You can choose from a range of interdisciplinary solutions, according to the class lesson plan.


This exhibition itinerary will help students learn more about the chosen theme. Our qualified staff will guide them in the critical observation of different environments and organisms. The session will be particularly focused around the tanks related to the topic in question, providing an in-depth investigation of each theme, such as sea conservation, the protection of living organisms and biodiversity.


Under the guidance of our team of experts, the group will cover a specific educational theme related to the educational itinerary in question, including shark biology, the study of fossils, freshwater environments and biodiversity. Held in a dedicated area, each lesson is based on an investigative approach, making it a truly engaging experience for the participants. With the help and support of our qualified staff, the students will learn about life in the aquatic world, while actively taking part in the chosen educational itinerary.


In a dedicated area, the students will directly take part in the activities, furthering their knowledge on a particular theme. Tailored to suit each individual age group, the workshops will cover specific topics, including the food chain, the exploration of the Mediterranean Sea and different ecosystems.

The activities can be combined, or you can take a free, unguided tour of the Aquarium, where you can consult the educational materials in advance, in the Teachers Community, and make use of the numerous illustrated boards along the itinerary and the interactive tanks, which will provide students with direct contact with the creatures in the Aquarium. All with the support of educational materials and information, which will allow you to explore the experience in class further.

To find out more about our convenient school fees or to book an educational outing, please contact the Resort Info Center: tel. 00-39-045 6449777 - or fill in the online form: