Interactive rockpool

Interactive Rockpool

This is where you get (a little) wet! If you’ve ever wondered what lives in the rockpools around our coast, this is the place to find out. You’ll get the chance to get really close and even touch, hold and learn about some of the wonderful creatures that live there. These include crabs, starfish and sea squirts!

Everything in our Touch Pool – from the rocks to the creatures - are safe to handle. Our rockpool experts will show you how. They will also tell you all about how they survive, what they eat and how they mate!

But did you know that most rockpool creatures are scavengers or filter feeders? Filter feeders don’t necessarily hunt their food but sit in one place and filter the food they need as it passes in the currents. Animals like the Sea Squirt and Anemone are filter feeders.

Things to Do:

  • The Interactive Rock Pool is open all day
  • Rockpool experts are on hand all day
  • Find out what a sea apple is and how it looks like
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