Black Tip Reef Shark

Black Tip Reef Shark

The sharks live in Tropical Ocean Display Click here for more information.

The blacktip reef shark inhabits the waters of the Indo-Pacific coral reef distributional area. Adults rarely exceed 2 meters in length and often live in groups. However, it is possible to find isolated examples: often it is the case of females about to give birth.

The preferred prey of the blacktip reef shark are small bony fish, crustaceans and cephalopods. It has a rather shy and introverted nature; these sharks are rarely a danger to humans, even though they are attracted by the presence of divers who move about the coral reefs. They are typical in appearance of how humans imagine a shark to look, and can be seen at our big ocean tank.

Today, the black fin shark is a threatened species because of man’s overfishing of them.
Blacktip Reef Sharks have an average lifespan of 12 years.The Blacktip Reef Shark’s diet is composed primarily of small teleost fishes, including mullet, groupers, grunters, jacks, mojarras, wrasses, surgeonfish, and smelt-whitings.

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