The Look of Love


Persistence Pays Off For Lovestruck Seal

Maybe it’s the approach of Valentine’s Day?

Whatever the reason, love is in the air down at the Seal Sanctuary where 10-year-old grey seal Ray whose advances have for years been spurned by older female Sheba, appears finally to have got his gal!

Staff are at a loss to understand why Sheba, 39, has finally melted under the charm assault of toy-boy Ray after showing no interest whatsoever for years.

“We literally came in one morning and they were canoodling at the side of the pool, then playing together in the water,” said Tamara Cooper, head of the Animal Care Team.

“Ray has had six other females to choose from, but has always been totally besotted with Sheba, so it’s lovely to see them together at last.”

The other females appear less pleased by the turn of events, however, and seem bent on disrupting Ray and Sheba’s newfound romance at every opportunity.

“Now that Ray’s finally made a breakthrough, though, we’re sure he’s not going to let the other girls spoil his fun.”

Love has also broken out in the penguin enclosure, where Humboldt penguins Ivy and Piran have made a nest together.

Staff have decided to respond by treating all their residents to some romantically –themed treats this Valentine’s Day. Even the otters and the ponies can look forward to some heart-shaped edible treats.

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