You can help support the well being of the amazing creatures here at The Cornish Seal Sanctuary by purchasing one of our animal adoptions.

Animal adoptions make the perfect present whatever the occasion!

An animal adoption includes:

  • 2 free entries to the sanctuary
  • 20% voucher for the Cafe or Gift shop
  • Certificate of adoption
  • Cornish Seal Sanctuary gift
  • Photograph of your adopted animal
  • Profile of your adopted animal
  • Presentation folder


Resident Animal/Seal Pup - £40.00

Plaque - £50.00 (This plaque will be up at the Sanctuary for 5 years.)

To purchase an adoption, simply call the Cornish Seal Sanctuary on 01326 221 361 or purchase your adoption pack during your visit!

Ray - Resident Grey Seal

Ray was rescued from Widemouth Bay 12th of October 2001, at approximately 3 weeks of age. He was malnourished and found at the top end of the beach, as far away from the water as possible, with his nose pressed up against the side of a rock face. 

When he first arrived at the Sanctuary it was apparent that his behaviour, and the shape of his head, was a little different to other seals. It is thought he suffered trauma to this area as a pup, probably after being caught in a storm and knocked into some rocks. Further tests revealed he suffers from brain damage and must be on permanent medication, so will have a forever home at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

His injuries mean he displays behaviour which is different from other seals. He is extremely friendly and playful, and even has his own Facebook page which is kept updated with all of his shenanigans:

Atlanta - Resident Grey Seal

Atlanta was rescued in 2001 from Oban, Scotland.  She was very small and her eyes had been damaged due to seagull attacks, resulting in her losing her vision.

Atlanta’s injuries meant the team had to give her a lot of hands on care and as a result, she became extremely responsive. She understands when her name is called and has developed well with training. Although she is generally friendly; Atlanta will occasionally warn other seals off if they come too close, by flapping her flipper on her belly.

Despite her vision issues, Atlanta has become an expert at stealing fish from pups who lodge with her in the Convalescence Pool during pup season.

Badger - Resident Grey Seal

Badger was rescued on the coast of Porthellick, Isles of Scilly in December 2014. At the time, he weighed just 17.5kg and was 2 weeks old. He had not yet had his first moult, but his coat was brown in colour rather than the standard white. It turned out this was because he is melanistic; meaning he has a high concentration of dark pigmentation in his skin. After moulting, he revealed a stunning jet-black coat with no colouration or mottling.

Badger had been abandoned by his mum and blood tests showed a high white blood cell count, indicating a possible infection. Further tests revealed a thyroid condition, meaning he will be on medication for the rest of his life, so was given a permanent home at the Sanctuary.

Badger is an incredible playful seal, full of energy. He is famous for following keys along the glass from the underwater viewing area and has developed a close friendship with fellow grey seal, Willow.

Marlin - Resident Grey Seal

Marlin was rescued in 2002 from Sennan cove. He was tangled in fishing netting, which unfortunately is not uncommon for seals.

 Marlin was in the process of rehabilitation and set for release when it was noticed that he was losing weight and bumping into other seals and the side of the pool.  After further investigation, it was discovered that he is completely blind. As there were no obvious injuries to his eyes, it is likely that he was born blind, so was given a permanent home at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

Marlin’s limited vision hasn’t stopped him from excelling at husbandry training, and he is a firm favourite with both staff and visitors.

He can be a bit of a fussy eater, preferring mackerel to herring and prefers to spend most of his time underwater

Pumpkin - Resident Grey Seal

Pumpkin was rescued from Guernsey in 2011. He had a persistent urine infection which was later revealed to be due to kidney stones. this might not sound so unusual, but it is believed that Pumpkin is one of the only seals in captivity in the world with kidney

stones - it really is that rare.  Due to his condition, Pumpkin will be on medication permanently and is unable to be released; he will remain under the care of staff at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

Pumpkin is an incredibly popular seal, with both visitors and staff. However due to being the youngest seal in his pool; his energy and mischievous behaviour can occasionally cause trouble amongst his pool mates!

Sheba - Resident

Sheba was originally rescued as a pup in the mid-1970s. She had nasty infections in both eyes which left her partially sighted; a problem which is exacerbated in bright sunshine or during the annual moult, when stray fur can aggravate her eyes.

 Sheba is very social and playful; enjoying spending time with the other seals in the pool. She also adores enrichment activities - especially ice blocks or playing with huge fronds of seaweed!

Snoopy - Resident Grey Seal

Snoopy was originally born at Edinburgh Zoo but spent most of her life at Whipsnade Wildlife Park, with a male common seal pool partner. After he passed away, Snoopy joined The Cornish  Seal Sanctuary so she could have some company from other Grey Seals.

When she arrived, the team discovered that Snoopy was actually the daughter of one of the previously re-homed Seal Sanctuary residents.

Snoopy is one of the most antisocial seals ever housed at the Sanctuary, preferring her own company. She likes to spend most of her time sunbathing, on her own, at the side of the pool and isn’t a big fan of the pups during pup season!

Willow - Resident Grey Seal

Willow was rescued from Donna Nook in 2014 after being separated from her mum. She was rehabilitated at Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary and was released back into the wild on 7th of November 2014.

Unfortunately, she was re-rescued on the 11th May 2015 by Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary. Willow was suffering from severe hair loss, lethargy and had lacerations on the left side of her body.

Once again she started rehabilitation, but blood tests showed she was suffering from an under-active thyroid. The vet prescribed treatment which proved very successful, and she even managed to grow a new coat after moulting.

However, as Willow will need the treatment for the rest of her life, she was rehomed at Gweek on 5th November 2015. She is very social and has formed a strong bond with Badger, a male grey seal of similar age.

Yulelogs - Resident Grey Seal

Yulelogs was rescued as a pup in 1989, by a marine park in the North of England.  When the park closed down, Yulelogs was released back into the wild. 

However, after such a long time in captivity, he had no idea how to feed himself and had become too used to humans. Three months after his release, Yulelogs was rescued by the RSPCA after receiving calls from concerned members of the public saying he had been chasing people with buckets on the beach, believing they contained fish.

When he was rescued, he only weighed 60kg instead of the standard 250kg. It was apparent he needed care, so the RSPCA asked the Cornish Seal Sanctuary if they would provide a permanent home for him.

He is enthusiastic and energetic, especially when it comes to husbandry training and environmental enrichment.