Humbolt penguin

Humbolt Penguins

Our Colony of Humboldt penguins were all bred at our sister SEA LIFE attractions. These endearing and sometimes comical creatures come from the coasts of Chile and Peru where there are estimated to be fewer than 10,000 pairs still surviving.

Colonies like ours here may one day provide a vital lifeline for this endangered species. Their disappearance would certainly be a tragic loss to the animal kingdom.

Each penguin has a different coloured tag to be able to tell them apart. Male penguins have a coloured band on their right wing and females on their left wing.

Meet our resident Humboldt penguins!

gilbert penguin

Gilbert (Green/White band)

Gilbert was born 7th July 2009. He was transferred to the National Seal Sanctuary from Weymouth SEA LIFE centre with his brother Piran. Gilbert loves to show off during his annual moult, a time when our other penguins are embarrassed by their scruffy appearance! He is a bold penguin, who always runs to get his fish at feeding time.

Fun Fact: Gilbert loves to chase things he sees through the viewing windows

piran penguin

Piran (Pink/White band)

Piran was born at Weymouth SEA LIFE centre and re-homed at the Sanctuary with his brother Gilbert in 2010. He can be a very shy penguin, preferring to hide away in his nest box during his annual moult. In fact, Piran spends 8 days growing a new coat of feathers every July! Piran is a fussy eater, inspecting both sides of his fish before deciding if they’re good enough to eat!

Fun Fact: Piran loves chasing bees around the pool!

ivy penguin

Ivy (Red/Black band)

Ivy was born on 29th December 2004, and amazingly, she could live to an impressive 25 years of age. She was born at Weymouth SEA LIFE centre and re-homed at the Sanctuary in 2010. She is a very sensible penguin and can be nervous of anything new. Ivy spends most of her day relaxing in the pool, but always keeps one eye on what’s going on around the Sanctuary! Ivy’s favourite past times include watching the visitors and our Animal Care Team.

Fun Fact: Ivy often steals fish out of the other penguin’s beaks at feeding time!

lola penguin

Lola (Blue/White band)

Lola was born at Weymouth SEA LIFE Centre and re-homed at the Sanctuary with her sister Ruby in 2010. She is a very playful penguin and likes to assist the Animal Care Team by hanging onto their brooms and nets with her beak! Lola is always the first one to explore any new toys, showing the other penguins how it’s done. Lola loves the water, and loves being sprayed with the hose. She can also stay underwater for up to 2 minutes!

Fun Fact: Lola is the bravest and nosiest of our penguins


Yoni (Yellow band)

Yoni arrived at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in November 2012 from Blankenberg in Belgium where our resident common seals came from. Yoni is one of the more interactive Penguins at the sanctuary and she loves teasing the dogs in the underwater viewing area. Her favourite way to spend her time though is chasing bubbles which the animal care team provide as enrichment for all the penguins!


Pine (Purple band)

Pine arrived at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary on the 27th September 2012 from the Sea Life Centre at Weymouth to be reunited with Ivy, Piran and Gilbert. Pine was originally supposed to be partnered with Lola but Lola chose Gilbert! So the team brought in Yoni all the way from Belgium and now Yoni & Pine are the sanctuaries young love birds! As Yoni and Pine are the last penguins at the sanctuary to pair up they are definitely more playful, and like Yoni, together they love nothing more than the bubble enrichment they get from the animal care team.

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