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Black and white tegu


A nomadic life

The black and white Tegu travels a lot and is not a sedentary animal. In search of food, it can travel up to 25 kilometers per week and does not return to a specific territory. On his journey there are seldom fights with conspecifics because they do not defend any "territory".



At home in South America

The Teju is native to most of South America and prefers to live in steppes, savannas and flat grasslands. There he will find good places in the undergrowth where he can dig small caves to sleep in.



Small omnivore

There's a lot on the Tegus menu. The lizard is not very demanding and eats not only smaller amphibians and insects but also eggs, fruit and vegetables as well as dead carrion. Birds and smaller mammals can also be eaten by the Tegu. He grabs it with his strong mouth and shakes it to death. If the prey is bite-sized, he swallows it whole.