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Our Chameleon

Ein Chamäleon auf einem Ast im SEA LIFE Hannover

Master of Disguise

The chameleon is arguably the grand master of all camouflage artists. Depending on the species, the chameleon can assume a huge spectrum from natural to bright colors in order to adapt to its environment. Mostly they are colored according to the colors of the leaves they sit between or the wood. This works through pigments between the leather and epidermis that are triggered by nerve impulses. As a rule, the chameleon cannot actively control its color change, but changes color due to external environmental influences.

Entdecke ein echtes Chamäleon im SEA LIFE Hannover

Razor-sharp look

The eyesight of chameleons is much more efficient than that of humans. With their eyes they can regulate the sharpness like a camera and spot potential dangers at lightning speed. The eyes literally protrude from the animal's head, which significantly increases the field of vision. Many independent muscles in their eyes enable the animals to move their eyes independently of each other and thus search their territory. When hunting, the chameleon first inspects the entire environment with both eyes independently and then focuses with both eyes as soon as a prey is found.