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The Baltic Sea Challenge


Our common vision is to create healthy, clean and productive Baltic Sea. 


Clean Baltic sea is productive. We recognize the challenges and try to improve the situation. We also challenge ourselves and our organization to create healthy Baltic Sea. 



We react to our common challenge voluntarily and according to law. We also try to strengthen positive influences on creating healthier sea for everyone.  



Where did all began?

The Baltic Sea Challenge started from the initiative from Helsinki and Turku mayors. Mayors are working to support the organization and also determine the goals and vision for the challenge.

Who can get involved?

Baltic Sea is the youngest sea in the world. Despite its size, it is the second largest brackish water sea and extremely unique. Baltic sea is also one of the busiest seas and this, of course, creates challenges when thinking about its conservation and protection. The biggest problems with Baltic sea are over fishing, pollutions and sea traffic. Climate change also effects on Baltic sea. Effective protection helps also other areas in Finland because Baltic seas drainage basin basically covers most parts of Finland. Conservation helps to improve the quality of water in lakes and nature.


You can participate as well! 

There are many options you can choose from: 

  • Participa on volunteer work with, e.g., WWF
  • Eat responsible and environmental friendly food
  • Become Baltic sea sponsor
  • Participate on Baltic Sea challenge

Our goal

European Union's common goal is to improve the state of our seas by year 2020. Baltic Sea conservation goal is to create clear coastal waters, healthy nature and safe traffic in the sea. 

What are the benefits of helping at an event?

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What are the benefits of helping at an event?

Every organization has their own way to work so you should be directly in contact with the organization of your choice. If you're not sure how to proceed, please contact our office. We are more than happy to help!