Easter in SEA LIFE


CHIRP! Say hello to our Easter Chicks!

Did you know, that the ancestor of our everyday farm animal, the chicken, still roams wild in the Asian jungles? In SEA LIFE you get to meet easter chicks, who now live in our Rainforest area, right where they belong. Even though there are billions of broilers and egg-layers in the world, the original chicken, known as the Red Junglefowl is under a serious threat.

SEA LIFE's Easter Chicks, though, are domestic chicken that usually live as pet chicken in the countryside. After SEA LIFE's Easter season, the chicks will return to Lohja, back to their owners.

Feeding of the Easter Chicks - daily at 12.00 ja 14.00!

  • Easter Chicks live in SEA LIFE from 30.3. to 12.4.2015
  • In March and April SEA LIFE is open daily 10-17, Wednesdays 10-19. Last entrance 1 hour before closing time.

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