Epaulette Shark

Sharks generally thrive by themselves, and shun people, while people are often afraid of sharks. A few would imagine a shark as a pet.

Our Epaulette Shark, Mamma, here at SEA LIFE Helsinki is just that - a shark and a pet. She also loves scratching. She follows closely the doings of aquarists and guides and recognizes the green feeding cup from a long distance.

Mamma often eats food out of the hands of the aquarists and the guide, and wants to be scratched at the same time.

Epaulette Sharks lives along the coasts of West-Australia and New Guinea at a depth of between one and 10 metres. It is active at night in coral reefs and tidal shores. Around 15cm at birth, Epaulette Sharks feed on marine worms and crustaceans.

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