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Avataan 29.1.2014!

New exhibition opens on 29th of January!

Welcome to the world of the Octopus, one of the ocean’s most intelligent creatures. It’s a true master of disguise, blending in with its surroundings and hiding in the smallest places.

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A cephalopod? What's that?

Cephalopods are found in every ocean of the world at almost every depth. Most of them live on or close to the ocean floor.

The Octopus is probably the best known cephalopod, but Cuttlefish, Squids and Nautiluses are just as amazing! Cuttlefish are often called Chameleon of the sea and can hypnotize their prey by running bands of color up and down their bodies. The Nautilus is the only cephalopod with a fully developed shell outside of their body which is used for protections. And one of squids, the Colossal Squid, is the largest invertebrate the earth has ever known, stretching in at over 40 feet!

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Meet the Octopus

The Octopus is a predator, and can usually be found hunting at night for its favourite foods like other mollusks and crabs. With the ability to change their color and texture within milliseconds to blend into their surroundings, Octopuses can easily hide and surprise their prey.

As soon as the prey is within reach, the octopus will grab it with its arms and bite the food item, secreting a toxin to paralyze its food, making it an easy meal.

An Octopus’s home, or den, might be in holes or crevices of rocks, and some make a protective area for themselves by piling up rocks in front of or around their den.

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