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By introducing the our visitors to the beauty of underwater world, we also want to inspire them to help us with the conservations of oceans. During your visit, you will hear what SEA LIFE does for conservation. Children will also hear how they can help. 

For kindergarten groups we have developed a specific guided tour program that are suitable for this younger age group.  Please note, the prices of the guided tours are on top of the admission price. 

Shark pre-school (30 minutes, max. 15 children/guide, 55€)
Shark pre-school teaches a lot about shark! Children will get to know e.g. shark skin and teeth. They will also play a shark themed game. Every child gets their own diploma.

Own guide (30 minutes, max. 15 children/guide, 40€)
With your own guide you get to see and hear from our creatures around our center. This is perfect for groups with a  lot of questions!


Certain school programs/guided tours can also be adapted to kindergarten groups - please ask our sales service for more details on or 09 5658 2024.