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Please note, due to the epidemic, we do not organise any guided tours or school programs at the moment.

Our School Program is perfect for introducing pupils to a range of scientific topics and encouraging excitement and curiosity about marine phenomena in the natural world. During their visit, the students will hear also how SEA LIFE protects the oceans for future generations. The students also hear how they can act and participate on conservation work.  

Standard admission price for all comprehensive school and daycares are 6€/pupil. For every 5th paying pupil/child one adult gets in for free. Otherwise the price is 6€/person.

Please ask our sales service for prices for students in education after comprehensive school and mature students. 


Guided tours

All of the below guided tour prices are on top of the admission price. 

Own guide (30 minutes, max. 15 students / guide, 32€)
You have your own guide with you when you tour the exhibition - make sure you have all your questions ready! This open format tour is particularly suitable for the younger audience with lots of questions.  

Themed guided tour (30 minutes, max. 15 students / guide, 45€)
During your themed guided tour you will hear more about the chosen topic (e.g. sharks or rays). You can decide the theme also in advance.

Shark school (30 minutes, max. 15 students/guide, 45€)
In Shark school the students learn a lot more about sharks and their lives. Students get to see e.g. shark teeth, feel shark skin and egg cases together with our guides. During Shark school the students will participate on a small test. Every student will get their own diploma. 

15min guided tour (15 minutes, max. 15 students/guide, 25€)
For the time poor - this 15 minutes guided tour is an interactive experience with our staff. The tour emphasises on one creature.