Wipe out Whaling


Stop the transport, stop the trade

The SEA LIFE Trust is working with Whale & Dolphin Conservation (WDC) to wipe out commercial whaling

Within the European Union it’s strictly against the law to harm a whale as they are an endangered species and could be wiped out within the next 20 years. Whales are also protected by multiple EU laws and whose hunting is contrary to the current international ban on commercial whaling.

This means it’s illegal to go whaling.

Since the EU bans international trade in whale products under Council Regulation No. 338/97, no exception should be made for non-EU countries to abuse its ports by transiting prohibited slayen whale meat products such as Norway and Iceland are currently.

Therefore European ports and shipping companies are funnelling the trade of illegal whale meat from port to port. In doing so, EU-based companies are helping Icelandic and Norwegian whaling companies in profiteering and continuing this barbaric trade of whale meat. These EU companies are the crucial linchpin in keeping the trade of killing whales a viable business. Further, EU countries should not indirectly profit from whaling by accepting fees from shipping companies carrying whale products.

However, shipping companies ARE making money out of helping to ship butchered whale meat from non EU sanctioned countries, through EU ports tarnishing the proud names of renowned cities such as:

Southampton – United Kingdom,
Rotterdam – Holland and
Hamburg – Germany

Plus many more cities on its final destination mainly on route to Japan and other parts of Asia.

It is vital that EU and the majority of Member States help to put an end to commercial slaughter of whales once and for all and wipe out whaling in Europe.

Therefore, we respectfully urge you to take prompt and effective action and request the EU Commission to submit an appropriate legislative proposal for banning the movement of whale meat and products through UK and European ports.

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