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Rays are a type of flattened fish and are closely related to sharks. Rays are a result of the evolutional cycle of sharks. Rays are social animals that live all over the world in oceans, and even are found in some channels where fresh water flows into the ocean. Rays often come together in huge groups of up to thousands of individuals, but other rays live alone.

Like the shark Rays are also Invertebrates with no bones. Their skeleton is made of cartilage, which is a tough, fibrous substance, not nearly as hard as bone.

Things to do

  • Find the rays, swimming together in their tank
  • See how they use their synchronized wing flaps to stir up sediment on the ocean tunnel floor
  • Learn about why they are under threat
  • Spot their happy face smiling back at you
  • Watch our rays breaching the water surface to look at guests!
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