Seal Pups 2013


seal pup 1 scaled

Pup 1
It has been a slow start to the season this year, but our first pup rescue came in on 16th of June from Snettisham Beach. The little pup was in a really bad way on the beach and we rushed her back to hospital, phoning ahead for the vet to meet us there.
Unfortunately her injuries were too severe and passed away that night. We were able to ease her pain and make her comfortable. She sustained a broken jaw, most likely from a vicious bite from a large animal.


Pup 2 - Robin
This seal pup was found on Heacham South Beach after a friend of one of the animal care team found it whilst walking his dog. As he did not have the SEA LIFE’s number he sent the team member a Facebook message – luckily the message was received quickly and we were able to rescue this little pup. She has been abandoned by her mum but otherwise is a healthy seal. We are sure she‘ll fly through rehab quickly.

seal pup 3

Pup 3 – DareDevil
This little seal pup was found on Old Hunstanton Beach by Stuart after it had been separated from its mother. The tide had bashed the poor thing against the rocks so badly her eyes have been damaged. The team here are working hard to heal them and fattened her up as she was only 10kg and very poorly.
For the animal care team the daily routine begins each morning, often before sunrise. The pups are checked one by one, with the weakest and sickest being tended to first.

seal pup 4

Pup 4 – Batman
Batman was found by Kerry and her partner whilst walking the beach. Only 1 day old and separated from its mum he would not survive without the care and attention of our team. Just like the others, batman will be fattened up and taught how to catch and eat his own fish so that we can release him back to the wild!

seal pup 5

Pup 5 – Wonder Woman
This seal pup was found by the National Wildlife Trust staff on Holme beach. They looked for her mother but with the tide out and the sun beating down, she was getting very dehydrated and would not have lasted long without some fluids. Luckily our team was on hand to come to rescue her. We will now fatten her up along with the others ready for her release in a few months time.

seal pup 6

Pup 6 – Mystique
This seal pup was found on Hunstanton Beach by holiday makers. Separated from mum, she was dehydrated and alone on one of the hottest days of the year. Luckily she was rescued by our team who are feeding her fish soup and vitamins.

seal pup 7

Pup 7 – Spiderman
This seal pup was found by Daniel and his family whilst walking their dog on the Old Hunstanton beach. A newly born pup, he was looking for someone to take care of him and came bouncing up to our team as they approached. He loves his fish soup!

seal pup 8

Pup 8 – Flash Gordon
This little seal pup was found by fisherman working out of King’s Lynn. She was found early in their day and spent the day on their boat before coming in to dock in the evening. Our staff met Pete and his crew and Flash Gordon was rushed to the hospital. At only 8.2kg she was underweight and needed lots of special care.

seal pup 9

Pup 9 – Super Ted
Super Ted was found by David walking his dog on the Heacham Beach. Separated from her mother she would not survive without some tender loving care from our team. She will stay here with all the other abandoned seal pups until she hits her target weight of 30kg.

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